April 2012:  Bethe Lecturer Knocks on Heaven’s Door

Beginning April 30 the Department of Physics will host The Bethe Lectures.  Named for Hans A. Bethe, the Lecturer this semester is Lisa Randall, Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University.





Prof. Randall will deliver three talks while on campus:

Physics Colloquium, Monday 4/30 – 4pm in Schwartz Auditorium
“Particle Physics Today”

Public Lecture, Tuesday 5/1 – 7:30pm in Schwartz Auditorium
“Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

LEPP Theory Seminar, Wednesday 5/2 – 2pm in 401 Physical Sciences Building
“Light Stops and Compositeness”

For the Cornell Chronicle article about The Bethe Lectures, click here.

Hans A. Bethe joined Cornell’s faculty in 1936, and his research extended across fields as diverse as the quantum theory of solids and the nuclear processes that power the sun, receiving the Nobel Prize for the latter work in 1967.  Bethe retired from Cornell after forty years on the physics faculty and passed away in 2005.

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