Planned Physics Colloquia

Mondays at 4:00 p.m.
Schwartz Auditorium – Rockefeller Hall
Refreshments 3:30 – 3:50 p.m.


Spring 2015

January 26:  Lawrence Gibbons, Cornell University
Title:  Taking the Muon for a Spin (in the World’s Largest Penning Trap)
Host: Dave Rubin

February 2:  John Bush, MIT
Title:  Hydrodynamic Quantum  Analogs:  Droplets Walking on the Impossible Pilot Wave
Host:  Itai Cohen

February 9:  Daniel Harlow, Princeton University
Title:  Black Holes, Quantum Information, and the Emergence of Spacetime
Host:  Eanna Flanagan

February 16:  No Colloquium February Break

February 23:  Daniel Eisenstein, Harvard – The Salpeter Lecture
Title:  A New Decade of Cosmic Structure
Host:  Rachel Bean

March 2:  Christopher Tully, Princeton University
Title:  One Second After the Big Bang
Host:  Jim Alexander

March 9:  Simona Murgia, UC-Irvine
Title:  Indirect Detection of Dark Matter with Gamma Rays
Host:  Maxim Perelstein

March 16:  William Bialek, Princeton University – The Bethe Lecture
Title:  Are Biological Networks Poised at Criticality?
Host:  Sol Gruner

March 23: Brad Marston, Brown University
Title:  The Quantum and Fluid Mechanics of Global Warming
Host:  Cyrus Umrigar

March 30:  No Colloquium – Spring Break

April 6:  Dong Lai, Cornell University
Title:  Astrophysics of Extreme Exoplanetary Systems
Host:  Eanna Flanagan

April 13:  Steve Kivelson, Stanford University
Title:  High Temperature Superconductivity Near a Nematic  Quantum Critical Point
Host:  Eun-Ah Kim

April 20:  Ian Spielman, University of Maryland
Title:  Gauge Fields in Multi-level Atoms:  Magnetism and Synthetic Dimensions
Host:  Erich Mueller

April 27:  Michael Roukes, Caltech – The Cooper Lecture
Title:  Integrated Neurophotonics:  Toward Massively-Parallel Mapping of Brain Activity
Host:  Jeevak Parpia

May 4:  No Colloquium


Fall 2015

August 31:  Leslie Rosenberg, University of Washington
Host:  Lawrence Gibbons

September 7 : No Colloquium – Labor Day

September 14:  Chao-Lin Kuo, Stanford University
Host:  Mike Niemack

September 21:  Kathryn Zurek, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Host:  Csaba Csaki

September 28:  Reinhard Genzel, University of California, Berkeley and Max Planck – The Gold Lecture
Host:  Gordon Stacey

October 5:  Frank deGroot, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Host:  Ken Finkelstein

October 12: No Colloquium – Fall Break

October 19:  Hitoshi Murayama, University of California, Berkeley – The Bethe Lecture
Host:  Csaba Csaki

October 26:  Zhi-Xun Shen, Stanford University – The Cooper Lecture
Host:  Kyle Shen

November 2:  Ana Maria Rey, University of Colorado – The Krumhansl Lecture
Host:  Erich Mueller

November 9:  Dung-Hai Lee, Univ. of California, Berkeley
Host:  Seamus Davis

November 16:  John Terning, UC Davis
Host: Csaba Csaki

November 23:  Angela Olinto, Univ. of Chicago
Host:  Ira Wasserman

*November 30:  Leo Kouwenhoven, Delft – Kavli Lecture
(*Thanksgiving weekend)

Host: Paul McEuen


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